The Winners of RES auctions 2016-2021

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The "RES Winners 2016-2021" database is available in Excel format and presents the most up-to-date information about the RES companies that won the last auction and all previous ones. The information also includes many contact details, i.e. address, e-mail, telephone number or website of the companies that won the auction or holding companies. In addition to the results of the latest RES auctions AZ/11/2021 and AZ/12/2021 the database also contains updated data on the winners of the auctions from previous years, AZ/3/2016; AZ/1/2017 and AZ/6/2018, AZ/9/2018, AZ/9/2019, AZ/6/2019, AZ/7/2020, AZ/8/2020, AZ/7/2021 and AZ/8/2021.


The offered base includes:

  • List of more than 1800 projects from the photovoltaic industry that have won RES auctions from 2021,2020,2019,2018,2017,2016
  • Many contact details e. address, e-mail, telephone number, website
  • Information about the owners of  large number of the winning companies, i.e. the president of the board and the holding company
  • Summaries and statistics for the last PV and wind auctions and a summary of all PV and wind auctions held so far

More information can be found in the following DEMO database version.