Operating wind installations in Poland, March 2023

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Last update of database: March 2023

The database ‘Operating wind installations in Poland 2023’ is available in Excel form and presents the most up-to-date information on wind farms that are already generating electricity and their investors. Installations included in the database are farms with a capacity of more than 0,05 MW.

The offered database includes:

  • Detailed information on wind farms and small installations including:
    • Location
    • Connection capacity
    • Start date of energy production
    • Name and address of the investor
  • Listings and statistical analyses
  • Maps presenting the distribution of wind farms

More information about the structure and content of the database can be found in the DEMO version of the database.

If you have additional questions about the content of the database or purchase details, please contact: biuro@ieo.pl

Click to see DEMO of database