PV projects Database - November 2021

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Last Base Update: November 2021

Status of PV projects in the database as of October 30, 2021.


The "Photovoltaic Projects in Poland November 2021" database is available in Excel format and provides the most up-to-date picture of the short-term investment potential of photovoltaic technology. The photovoltaic projects included in it are at the stage of connection conditions issued, connection agreements concluded, and some of them are already ready for implementation in the auction system.


The database offered includes:


- A list of 7,605 PV projects with a total connection capacity of 14.16 GW

- 3444 PV projects with an identified investor/owner

- 3406 PV projects with issued building permit

- Up-to-date information on the projects that may participate in this year's auction, i.e. with construction permits and connection conditions issued

- Summary and statistical analysis of the projects

You can find more information in the DEMO version of the database.

Updates are available with a special discount for customers who have purchased the previous version of the database. Orders for the product with a discount should be sent to: biuro@ieo.pl

View DEMO version of the database